I hope that our design can be influential and inspiring in various fields, not just blind pursuit of utilitarianism.

Experimental creation is a way to find and experience life. There is actually only a thin line between design and art.


The team of five at Unite Design works under the aegis of the APPEDU educational institution. It is an experimental design company which acts as a link between the training facility and industry. Here, students can gain practical experience and become familiar with the requirements companies have. “We put a premium on visual storytelling that not only shines with images but also reveals strategies for the future and is borne by boundless creativity”. That much everyone at Unite Design can agree on. The poster medium is just one of many to which this maxim applies.


2018  | 15 BICM-Finalist
2018  | TPT-Finalist 
2020 | RedDot-Winner
2020 | 16 BICM-Finalist
2022 | TAIWAN TOP STAR-金獎 
2022 | TAIWAN TOP STAR-鈦金獎
2022 | TAIWAN TOP STAR-最佳設計公司
2022 | 15 Golden Bee-Finalist
2022 | RedDot-Best of The Best 

Unite Design 

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